You might be surprised to learn how many people attempt to unlock NSFW features on ChatGPT or When there’s such a demand for an AI chatbot, there’s every reason for LLM developers to create one and cater to the masses seeking entertainment. Enter FreedomGPT. It’s a completely uncensored chatbot that discusses sexual and illegal topics without any restrictions or censorship.

There’s no limit to FreedomGPT, as the name itself suggests. You can access this LLM online on your device, which requires a subscription, or download it to your Mac or Windows-based computer. I will share the links toward the end of the article, but before that, let’s explore how FreedomGPT works.

Normally, if you type “how to kill myself” into any search engine or AI chatbot, from ChatGPT to Claude, they will redirect you to suicide prevention centers. However, this isn’t the case with FreedomGPT:

Here’s another conversation I found on Reddit; things can get even wilder with FreedomGPT:

There are many examples of FreedomGPT, but I believe it’s ethically responsible not to share them all here.

How to Get Access to FreedomGPT

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to access FreedomGPT. The easiest method is through the browser version, but you’ll need to purchase credits to use it. I recommend trying the free version first to determine if it’s worth the investment.

To access the online version, visit:

If you want to run it on your computer, please visit this GitHub link and follow instructions. Most redditors gained access to FreedomGPT through this way.

Hope you enjoy using FreedomGPT!

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